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Winter is upon us. I can tell, even without the change in temperature because I’m receiving e-mail from readers doing author reports.  How can time pass so quickly?  It seems like yesterday that I was getting e-mail from those same readers exulting, “School’s out!  No more dumb author reports till next fall!” 


This has been an exciting year. A movie based on my book DOWN A DARK HALL appears about ready to go into production, as they’ve written the film script and hired a director. The producer is Stephenie Meyer, the author of the “Twilight” books,

This is what she posted on her Web site: “I grew up reading and loving Lois Duncan novels, and I can’t believe my good luck that I get to be involved with this project. DOWN A DARK HALL was my favorite of her novels (though it’s a very close race with SUMMER OF FEAR and STRANGER WITH MY FACE), and it gave me some serious nightmares when I was younger.”


Besides this, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER—a hit horror film a decade ago—is being remade with a new cast and what I’m told will be much more like my original story. So that gives us two films to look forward to!



As for books, WRITTEN IN THE STARS, a collection of stories I sold to magazines when I was in my teens, has just been published. So you can see what I was writing and publishing when I was your age.








In contrast to those gentle stories, my new, non-fiction book, ONE TO THE WOLVES: ON THE TRAIL OF A KILLER, has been published as an e-book and can be downloaded onto Kindles, Nooks, or other e-readers. The publisher tells me that, within weeks, it will also be available in paperback.  This book about my own teenage daughter’s murder can be read on its own or as a sequel to the first book, WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER?. It was written for adults and shouldn’t be read by anyone who isn’t a mature reader.







When you’re writing those blasted author reports, be sure to make use of the links on the top left side of this page. Those will take you to lots of information that will make your report easy to write. And don’t forget I have a message board (see the link at the top of this page.)  And also a Fans of Lois Duncan Face Book page. You can post questions on either of those, and I will respond to them.


Warm wishes for happy holidays and for a wonderful 2015!





My daughter, Robin, has now established me on Twitter. If you’re interested in trailing me around and listening to me chirp, feel free to join me at  











A Visit with Lois Duncan

Buy Now for this fall!


We are excited to announce the release of a new DVD, created specifically for classroom use:



The name Lois Duncan means different things to different people.


Teachers and librarians know her as the author of over 50 books and a recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards Award, presented by the American Library Association for an outstanding contribution to young adult literature. 


Young adult readers know her as the author of scary suspense novels like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Killing Mr. Griffin. 


Younger readers know her as the author of humorous books like Hotel for Dogs and News for Dogs.


On this 35 minute DVD, you and your students will meet the “real” Lois Duncan, visit in her home and office, and hear her describe the ups and downs of her career. 


You’ll follow her step by step through her writing process, hear her respond to the questions asked most frequently by readers, and learn what happens behind the scenes when a writer’s novels go to Hollywood. 


You’ll even get to meet some of her children and grandchildren.

Classes who view

“A Visit with Lois Duncan”

can write to Duncan by e-mail, and she will respond, so it can be an interactive experience.

For more information click on the following link:

Duncan DVD