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Kait Arquette
Real Crimes
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Who Killed My Daughter?


The most difficult book Lois Duncan ever had to write was non-fiction. Who Killed My Daughter? is the true story of her search for the truth behind the brutal murder of the youngest of her five children.  Although written for adults, this book was named a School Library Journal "Best Book Of the Year" and an American Library Association “Best Book For Young Adults.”

Kaitlyn Arquette, 18, was shot to death in her car in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1989.  Although police pronounced the murder a random-driveby-shooting, Kaitlyn’s family believes she was deliberately killed because she was preparing to blow the whistle on organized crime. The case is still unsolved, but the family’s personal investigation is on-going.  New information continues to surface. 


Who Killed My Daughter? was featured on such shows as “Good Morning, America,” “Larry King Live,” “Unsolved Mysteries,” “Inside Edition,” and “Sally Jessy Raphael.”  The book is now available in paperback.  If it’s not in your local library or neighborhood bookstore, it can be ordered at a discount from on-line bookstores like Barnes & Noble and


Updates about the progress of the family’s personal investigation may be found on the
Kait Arquette Website .


Lois Duncan and her husband, Don Arquette, have also created and maintain the Real Crimes web site at Real Crimes, to help other families in their situation.  Lois interviews the families of homicide victims, whose case have been improperly investigated by law enforcement, and helps them word their stories.  Don links their allegations to documentation such as police reports, autopsy reports, and crime scene photos. 


The Real Crimes web site has become a valued resource for investigative reporters and producers of true crime TV shows.







Kait Arquette

Kait Arquette
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