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Autographed Books and Out of Print Books For Sale

My husband and I recently moved from a large house with a lot of storage space into a condo with almost no storage space at all.  So the boxes of out-of-print hardback books (many of them first editions) that I've dutifully hauled around with me from place to place, waiting for them to become collectors' items, have had to go.  Since I originally posted that information, all of the young adult novels have been purchased.  However, there are a few copies left of some of the short story anthologies; children’s picture books; and WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER?, the non-fiction book I wrote to prevent the facts of our teenage daughter’s unsolved murder from becoming buried. If you have an interest in any of those, send me an e-mail and I’ll tell you how to order.

 I have limited quantities of the following, which I will be glad to autograph to the person of your choice:

ON THE EDGE, 2000  (anthology of short stories by well-known young adult writers, edited and with a forward by Lois Duncan) -- $24 plus $3.00 for packing and shipping

TRAPPED! (anthology of short stories by well-known young adult writers, edited and with a forward by Lois Duncan) -- $24 plus $3.00 for packing and shipping

NIGHT TERRORS, 1996 (anthology of short stories by well-known young adult writers, edited and with a forward by Lois Duncan) -- $24 plus $3.00 for packing and shipping

WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER? --  the true story of the murder of our teenage daughter and our family’s on-going investigation after police dropped off the unsolved case.  Although I wrote this book for adults to motivate informants, it has been embraced by high school and middle school students nationwide and was named a "Best Adult Book of the Year for Young Adults" by both the ALA and the School Library Journal.  $35 plus $3.00 for packaging and shipping.


Out-of-print hard-cover picture books for young children, $24 each unless marked otherwise, plus $3.00 for packaging and shipping:

Song of the Circus, 1999: This book is a romp and describes the wild adventures of “Gisselda, who took her naps on tattooed shoulders and sequined laps, for she was a child of the circus.”  I can’t believe the hardcover edition is already out of print! 

The Longest Hair In The World, 1996: A humorous book for little girls who dream of having VERY long hair.  After reading this book, they may change their minds.

The Birthday Moon, 1989:  “On your very next birthday I’ll give you a moon, on the end of a string like a golden balloon.”  A fantasy in verse, as the wondrous birthday gift keeps changing shape with the different phases of the moon.

Horses Of Dreamland, 1985:  “A child who dreams of horses flies fast and far at night, and travels miles of moon-trail before the sky grows light.”  A magical journey with a lovely twist at the end.

From Spring To Spring, 1982:  “Throughout the year, from spring to spring, God writes the songs that children sing.”  Rhymed verse, with a religious tone, illustrated by my own full-page black and white photographs.  The photos are mostly of loved ones – my children, my father, my mother-in-law, my children’s friends, my friends’ children.  I love this book!

 Silly Mother, 1962: My very first little children's picture book, written when I was the mother of toddlers.  My neighbor down the street, Suzanne Larsen, did the illustrations.  We took turns babysitting each other’s youngsters while we wrote/illustrated.

 The Circus Comes Home, 1993: a non-fiction photo book, done in collaboration with my late father, Joseph Janney Steinmetz, a world famous photographer.  Our family lived in Sarasota, Florida, during the 1940s, when it was winter quarters for Ringling Brothers Circus.  My father lived the magic of the circus, and his remarkable photographs document the performers (including the clown, Emmett Kelly, having a bubble bath), their families (such as 5-yr-old Carla Wallenda, practicing her high wire act in her back yard), the animals, and the circus crew, revealing a side of the circus rarely seen by outsiders.  I wrote the text to go with those spectacular photos:  “Once upon a time – when the ground was made of sawdust, and people in spangled tights flew through the air like birds, and elephants dressed in tutus and danced on their toes – there was magic in our land.  And that magic was CIRCUS!”  $30 plus shipping.  (This book is more expensive than the others because of the photographs.)

SONGS FROM DREAMLAND, 1988: Original lullabies, written for my first grandchild, this book comes with a cassette or CD.  It’s a mother-daughter project -- I wrote the lyrics and narrate; my daughter, Robin, a professional musician, composed the music and performs the vocals.  You can listen to the songs and place your order at Robin’s web site at (Since Robin will be shipping this book directly from her home, I will not be able to autograph it.)


And -- for the favorite teacher or school librarian in your life -- be sure to check out the information about the 35 minute DVD, "A Visit with Lois Duncan," that is described in the column on the right side of the home page of this Web site.  It provides a link that will take you to a page where you can view clips from the video and -- if you decide you would like to purchase it -- order it on line.